The Komfit "JB" Mesh Watch Band

Forstner has brought back the unique "Komfit" mesh watch band worn by NASA astronauts throughout the moon missions.  Faithful to the original, but with several key updates!


The Forstner Klip

The Forstner Klip brings back one of the most popular bands in Forstner's historic catalog.  The present bonklip-style bracelet has an 18mm wide central portion, with alternating brushed and polished finishes on the rectangular "ladder" design, and a polished spring-loaded clasp.  Made entirely of stainless steel, the band is light, breathable, and extremely comfortable, having the ability to be easily sized in approximately 3mm increments for the perfect fit


The Forstner Beads of Rice

The beads of rice is one of those quintessential watch accessories that belongs in every collection--exuding a subtle elegance that transforms the look and feel of your watch.  Forstner has released its own take on this classic design, blending the best of the old and the new (for example, using solid removable links instead of hollow links). Beautifully finished in alternating polished and brushed stainless steel, it'll look fantastic on virtually anything.

The Forstner Rivet Bracelet

The Forstner Rivet Bracelet revives one of the most iconic bracelet styles in history--the uniform (i.e., non-tapering) three-link bracelet secured by rivets. Available with either solid or all-stretch links, Forstner's Rivet Bracelet is crafted in fully brushed stainless steel, and (as always) is made to be extremely comfortable for all-day wear


The Forstner Ladder Bracelet

The Forstner Ladder bracelet revives one of the all-time classics from the mid-twentieth century. Originally produced by Gay Frères, Forstner's Ladder bracelet maintains the beautiful vintage style, but marries it with contemporary features. Fully brushed, tapered, and available in sizes 18-21mm.


The Komfit Band

The Komfit/JB band was made to be easily adjustable, flexible, and capable of fitting just about anyone.  Strapped to the wrist one moment, it could be resized in seconds, or, in the case of emergency, removed with the flick of a finger.  As a result, NASA astronauts were permitted to wear the bracelet, and they routinely did so during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo periods.  Like the watch with which it was often worn (the Omega Speedmaster), the Komfit/JB band quickly became synonymous with the NASA space programs. 

Highlights of the Komfit/JB Band Throughout History

Photos Courtesy of NASA

Mercury Program

The Komfit/JB band was flown on two Mercury missions - Atlas 8 (attached to the first Omega worn in space) & Atlas 9


Gemini Program

The Komfit/JB band was flown on at least the Gemini III and Gemini X missions


Apollo Program

The Komfit/JB band was flown on Apollo 10, Apollo 12 and Apollo 17 (it was taken on the surface of the moon on this mission)


Photos for historical reference only. NASA does not endorse this product.