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Founded in 2005, STRAPCODE is made with the vision to inspire the uniqueness when it comes to watches. We supply high-quality stylish watch bands and stream to have the offer to compliment any great timepiece. Therefore, STRAPCODE covers a huge collection of MiLTAT, Taikonaut, Crafter Blue and other high-quality brands of watch straps. 

STRAPCODE was founded by ST, a watch enthusiast and VC, a designer. It all started back in year 2000, when the two started a business with second hand vintage watches. The nature of the business changed when ST realized how hard is to find a good replacement watch strap to complement their business and private collections of vintage watches. 

At STRAPCODE, we believe a watch is so much more than just an accessory and that you deserve to dress it exactly to fit your vision in every occasion.


With STRAPCODE, you can wear the same watch and dress it differently for different occasion. We’re made to help you break the routine and to avoid getting bored with the same look. Proper watch band can surely make you and your favorite timepiece stand out from the crowd and upgrade your overall style, without breaking the bank.

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