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We have worked with the enthusiasts at the Philippines' first and only watch title Calibre Magazine to create something that answers some very specific needs of passionate people.  Whether it would be for storage or on the go, this CLBR-101 Watch Case will be your trusted daily companion. It would be a perfect gift idea too for someone who shares the same hobby

Made of high quality EVA and internal cloth

Protects your watch when you travel 

Durable, Simple and Lightweight

One size fits all: up to 50mm watches 

Length: 10cm  Width: 10cm

Height: 6cm (Hard Shell Watch Head Side)


About Calibre Magazine

Calibre Magazine is the Philippines’ premier watch magazine, combining a true believer’s love of the field of horology with an experienced and educated view of timepieces worldwide. The staff travels the world, attending the watch industry’s major annual gatherings plus numerous individual brand events. Their associations with watchmakers, with regional distributors and boutique owners, with watch collectors and aficionados of every stripe and level, allow them to see the world of horology with an unusual perspective that incorporates both the larger global context and the individual personal experience, and everything in between.

Calibre maintains a presence in the online world and in hard copy print, maintaining and always improving a standard of quality that allows us to portray the watches we cover, and our own thoughts and impressions of them, in the top-level way that they merit. We not only show you the watches we see and the events that we cover, but we assess them as well, providing a level of insight into the industry as well as the individual. Whether we are discussing a new watch collection, analyzing a brand’s presentation, or simply telling the story of the man who puts the gears inside the cases, we take a good look around at all there is to see, and we tell you what we think.

Although we keep our eyes open to all the developments in the horology field, our connections with the Philippine collector’s identity run deep, and we have done much to maintain and indeed expand the local watch culture’s community. Calibre not only attends events that foster the community’s depth and breadth, it also creates them. Watchmaking seminars, launch parties, and boutique-centered gatherings all help to keep the lines of communication and community open among those who make watches, those who distribute them, and those who buy them — and most importantly, among those who love them. Which in the end is all of us, really.

With Calibre, you not only have a focus for the watch community, and a gloss-paper volume of the industry’s latest developments and insights, you also have a team of staffers whose love for the horological field casts its eyes very far abroad, and often very deep within. We have contributors who love a single brand to exclusion, and we have editors who travel far and wide seeing all the things that the industry has to offer. From the oldest Swiss traditions to the newest cutting-edge Japanese technology, from the sound of music in a minute repeater to the feel of the strap against your wrist, Calibre will tell you all there is to know, and will provide a companion with valuable insights as you journey down this road, whether you are continuing a thousand-mile-journey or just taking your first new steps.

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