"Erika’s Originals MN™straps and accessories are made in the spirit of - and a tribute to - the French Marine Nationale divers that made hand stitched straps of elastic webbing from their parachutes. The same elastic parachute webbing that I am using for the Erika’s Originals MN™straps today

Taking it one step further my patented design uses parachute hardware to make them fully adjustable and easier to wear both in and out of the water. It is not just the cool looks and the heritage that contributed to the success of the strap but also it’s comfort and wearability

Erika’s Originals MN™straps are made from Latex braided with Nylon. The Nylon is one of the contributing factors to it’s comfort. Nylon (designed as artificial silk by DuPont in the 1930’s) is extremely comfortable to wear and absorbs and regulates moisture better than any other strap material which is a big plus in general but especially warmer climates or warmer summer days. You will find your it is the most comfortable watch strap you ever owned.

Erika’s Originals MN™straps are completely hand made and hand stitched by me and my small team of artesans in my atelier in Valencia, Spain." - Ms. Erika

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