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The New Standard

We started off as watch collectors and leathercrafters. In a world where everything is done facing a digital screen, there was something romantic about winding a crown and watching the watch spring into life, or creating with your bare hands a functional and beautiful leather product out of its raw materials. We wanted to marry these two worlds, by bringing our experience and knowledge in crafting to produce exceptional products for watch enthusiasts.

Since launching in 2018 with a small, curated collection of leather straps, we have since expanded and now offer one of the most extensive collection of handcrafted leather straps in a wide range of width and sizes, and offer a Custom Strap Program to meet your unique requirements. We also set out to create watch storage and leather goods that matched up to the timepieces you had - functional art that you can hold, use and admire. Beyond our products, we also aspire to provide an online shopping platform and experience that is enjoyable and fun.

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