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The Forstner Model J for Tudor Black Bay Series

The Story

We are such a fan of the Tudor Black Bay range of watches, but have long wanted to see additional bracelet options that offer a more balanced and comfortable wearing experience. With that goal in mind, Forstner created the Model J--a jubilee-style bracelet that provides an overall more elevated look with its beautiful alternating polished/brushed finish, taper to 16mm at the clasp, and plentiful adjustment.  Fitted to Forstner's milled clasp, the bracelet looks and wears like a dream.   


  • Solid 316L stainless steel, including solid steel end piece.

  • Classic jubilee-style design with polished/brushed finish.  Bracelet sides are also polished to match the case finishing.

  • Links removable conveniently via a single-screw system.

  • Milled push button clasp with polished/brushed finishing (clasp includes 6 micro-adjustment holes).

  • Tapers from 20mm or 22mm (as selected) at the widest bracelet link to 16mm at the clasp.

  • Milled clasp measures approximately 18.5mm wide.

  • Bracelet length is adjustable (via single screw system and micro-adjustment in clasp) from approximately 120mm to 180mm (fits wrists ranging from approximately 6 to 8 inches). Screwdriver included for sizing.


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