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Many manufacturing or design issues starts with a desire. The desire for style, comfort and durability. We know that stripes goes hand in hand with nylon bands.

The desire for something unconventional always creates problems along the way. We want a watch band to be thick but we don’t want it to elevate our watch too much. We want it to be able to slide through your watch case and spring bars easily, but we don’t want the watch to slide off while changing the strap.

This range is an engineering solution as much as it is an aesthetics exercise. The centre stripe of the fabric strap is recessed via jacquard weaving technique. It it’s thinner than the larger surface of the band. This means the rest of the band can remain thick and yet, the tightest spot between many rounded watch case and spring bar now has a thinner centre of the band to slide it through. In addition, the jacquard weave allows transition from a common weave into a different motif at the centre stripe. 

The new colors are a collection of images from the past months when we first started. Through interaction with influencers and customers alike. The possibilities of combinations are endless.

Wear the new Walrus with pride.

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