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Pelagos 42 Titanium President Bracelet

Tudor has recently been releasing more and more titanium watches - and for good reason!  Titanium is super lightweight, hypoallergenic and doesn't scratch easily nor corrode.  Due to the lightness of titanium, it's also incredibly comfortable!

The Tudor Pelagos 42mm boasts a unidirectional bezel, impressive water resistance and a helium escape valve for decompression during deep dives (or desk diving with your buddies at the water cooler).

While it comes on a titanium bracelet, you're limited to the Oyster style.  What self-respecting watch fan likes limitations?  An alternative was needed, and I thought a titanium Jubilee would be just the thing!

What's included

One bracelet (no clasp), one pair of solid end-links, one pair of 1.8mm spring bars. 


  • Lug width to Clasp: 22mm to 18mm

  • Length: 180mm

  • Min.length after adjusted: 120mm 

  • Buckle : Titanium Milled Clasp

  • Thickness: 3.4mm

  • Net Weight: 50 grams

  • Finish: All Brushed Titanium

  • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm

  • Lug end style: Solid Curved End

  • Adjustment type:  removable links-- pin type adjustment

  • Material: Titanium, all solid links including end links

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