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Senator for Black Bay 58

Without a doubt the most requested non-Seiko product I have ever been petitioned to make has been a bracelet for the Black Bay 58. It's no secret that the BB58 has a bracelet that most collectors cannot get on board with. Whether it's the riveted links or the inability to get the perfect fit, I have heard from many of my nephews that this is an important project to get behind. So, I bought one myself and, yep, they were right. Such a great watch that was begging for a great bracelet.


I started with the US1450, then added a Jubilee and now an Oyster!

Bracelet without clasp: the bracelet is also offered without a clasp so that it can be used with the stock Tudor clasp (the "with clasp" option cannot do this).  Your order will contain two bracelet halves that will connect with your original Tudor clasp(the "with clasp" version will not work with your original clasp). 


    • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 16mm

    • Length: 180mm 

    • Min.length after adjusted: 130mm 

    • Clasp: Double-button milled clasp

    • Thickness:  approx. 3.2mm

    • Net Weight: 77 grams

    • Finish: all brushed

    • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm

    • Lug end style: Solid Curved End

    • Adjustment type: Screw adjustment

    • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links including end links

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