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1479 for Black Bay 58

Without a doubt the most requested non-Seiko product I have ever been petitioned to make has been a bracelet for the Black Bay 58. It's no secret that the BB58 has a bracelet that most collectors cannot get on board with. Whether it's the riveted links or the inability to get the perfect fit, I have heard from many of my nephews that this is an important project to get behind. So, I bought one myself and, yep, they were right. Such a great watch that was begging for a great bracelet.


I have released several bracelets for this watch over the years and my nephews keep wanting more!  So, here is the popular US1479, available with a double button milled clasp and solid end links.  This bracelet is also available in either an all brushed or brushed/polished finish.

What's included

One bracelet, one pair of solid end-links, one pair of 1.8mm spring bars. 


  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 16mm

  • Length: 178mm

  • Min.length after adjusted : 117mm

  • Buckle : Stainless Steel Double Button Milled Clasp

  • Thickness:  3.8mm

  • Net Weight: 74 grams

  • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm

  • Lug end style: Solid Curved End

  • Adjustment type: 9 removable links-- pin type adjustment (5 micro-adjustments)

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links including end links

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