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Z199 Steel Bracelet

for SRP Turtle Reissue, SKX Models

and 6309 Vintage Turtles

Without question the Z199 solid link bracelet was the best bracelet Seiko ever produced. It originally came on their 7548 Quartz diver, and if you can find one today, buy it! They often sell in excess of $200. I decided to make my own version, holding to the specs as closely as possible. I have had more inquiries about this bracelet than any other project to date. I know once these are listed they are going to help many guys fill out their collection with adding the proper bracelet. 


It tapers from 22mm to 16mm and has 8 removable links (screws like the original). It is a solid link bracelet with standard (hollow) end-links. The bracelet is the same for both versions, so if you want you can order an additional set of end-links for the pair your bracelet didn't come with. You can find that under End-links and Spring Bars. As always, each bracelet comes with a pair of 2.5mm "fat boy" spring bars.

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