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Military-Style Two Piece Velcro Straps

It's no secret that your favorite Uncle has a thing for velcro. There's something about the fit and feel that just checks all those boxes. They can go with almost any watch, and are appropriate to wear in any environment. 

My latest release is a more heavy-duty version of the classic velcro. It's two pieces and fully adjustable, meaning it can fit a variety of wrist sizes. No need to have a short, standard, or long option. This is a one-size fits-all military grade watch strap! 

While the strap comes with a pair of spring bars already in place, the holes are large enough to hold the thicker, diver spring bars so that you're covered with whatever you decide to wear it on. 


  • ​​Lug width: 20mm or 22mm

  • Length: 65mm x 145mm (adjusts to all wrist sizes)

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