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H-Link Steel Bracelet

for SRP Turtle Reissue and 6309 Vintage

For quite some time Seiko fans have wanted more variety when it comes to their 6309/SRP diver. Since then, modding bracelets and end-links to fit the larger cases has been all the rage. With this new offering I am hoping to give the Seiko community a bracelet combination that will help meet that demand.


Introducing the H-link bracelet for the 6309/SRP77x diver watch. It is a thick and heavy bracelet that is a great compliment to the classic 6309, and soon to be classic SRP77x. Both are large cases that demand robust accessories and this is an option that will not disappoint.


Weighing in at 84 grams, it balances the watch well, tapering from 22mm to 18mm. A very sleek look with brushed links, this is a good look in a variety of settings, whether casual or professional. It is even more stunning in person. As always it comes with a pair of 2.5mm "fat boy" spring bars.


​​Lug width to Buckle: 22mm / 18mm 

Length (mm) : 167mm 

Min.length after adjusted : 120mm 

Buckle : Solid 316L Stainless Steel 18mm Single Flip-Lock Diver Clasp 

Final link width : 12mm

Thickness (mm) : 4.0mm 

Net Weight (gram) : 84gram 

Finish: Brushed metal/Polished sides

Spring bar diameter: 2.5mm 

Lug end style : Standard (Hollow) Curved End 

Adjustment type : 4 removable links-- pin type adjustment (all links are removable)

Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (not including end links) 

Designed to fit : Seiko Divers SRP773, SRP775, SRP777, SRP779, SRPB11, SRPA21

6309-7040, 6309-7049, 6306-7001, 6306-7000

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