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US1168 "Soyuz" Oyster Bracelet (Omega Speedmaster 19/20mm)

The Apollo-Soyuz Speedmaster is one of the most sought after Speedys out there.  In addition to the extremely low number in existence, these came with a very unique bracelet - the Soyuz Oyster 1168.  This is considered one of the best bracelets Omega ever produced, but it was only available with this one model.  As such, it's very hard to find, and if/when you do, plan on shelling out thousands.

Since most guys can't afford to source an original, I made my own!  Introducing the US1168 Soyuz Oyster.  Sold in 19mm and 20mm, these are available with a pressure clasp like the original, or with an upgraded double-button milled clasp.

Designed to fit: The 19mm is made for the FOIS (First Omega in Space) and the 20mm fits most Omega Speedmaster models (pre-3861). 

What's included

One bracelet, one pair of end-links, one pair of 1.78mm spring bars


  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 16mm (19mm to 16mm)

  • Length: Approx. 175mm

  • Min length after adjusted : 120mm

  • Buckle : Stamped 316L Stainless Steel 16mm Pressure Clasp or 316L Double Button Milled Clasp.

  • Thickness: 2.8mm

  • Net Weight: 56 grams

  • Finish: Brushed or Brushed/Polished

  • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm 

  • Lug end style : Solid Curved End 

  • Adjustment type : Pins

  • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links

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