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"The Continental" Steel Bracelet
for SARB033/35 Models

Before the beloved SARB03x series was released, there was a precursor sold only in Japan. These JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) models were labeled as SCVS001 and SCVS003, and they came with a very unique bracelet that never appeared on any of the later iterations. Since I didn't know what to call it, I posed the question on Instagram and ask my Nephews to vote. The most popular submission was "The Continental."

This is undoubtedly the nicest SARB bracelet I have produced to date. Not only is it unique looking, but it's sturdy and weighty, all in the best ways possible. If you only plan to buy one aftermarket bracelet for your SARB, this should be the one. 


  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 16mm 

  • Length: 175mm 

  • Min length after adjusted : 110mm 

  • Buckle:  Solid Milled Clasp

  • Thickness: 3.1 mm

  • Net Weight: 71 grams

  • Finish: Brushed /Polished

  • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm or 1.5mm

  • Lug end style : Solid Curved End 

  • Adjustment type : 6 removable links

  • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links

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