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GL-831 "Irezumi" Tattoo Rubber Strap

Uncle's Notes:


It's no secret that the GL831 is my favorite strap. It's so supple and comfortable that I often forget to take it off when I go to bed. It just checks all the boxes for me as far as what a diver strap should be. One day I was looking down at it and reminiscing about how much I love it, when an idea came to me: What if I put some kind of pattern on it that turned it into a work of art? Like a tattoo for a diver strap! After sketching out a few pattern ideas, the "Irezumi" was born. Irezumi means "tattoo" in Japanese, and it's fitting because it looks like your rubber strap just got some ink!

What's included: Rubber strap with black bead-blasted buckle, pair of 2.5mm spring bars. 


  • 22mm STANDARD: 78mm x 130mm

  • 22mm SHORT: 70mm x 120mm

  • 22mm STANDARD: 75mm x 125mm

  • 20mm SHORT: 70mm x 120mm

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