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Custom Curved Tropic Rubber Strap for SKX013

PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom Tropic strap made specifically for the SKX013. This means that it will not be compatible with other 20mm watches.

Uncle's notes:

If you thought that the gap between your SKX and the strap is just how this world is, think again! This custom version is that well-loved v2. composition that is durable and comfortable. As always, each strap comes with two "fat boy" spring bars.

Standard Version:

  • ​Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 18mm

  • Length (mm) : 70mm/120mm

  • Buckle : 316L Stainless Steel at 18mm

  • Thickness (mm) : 2.5mm 

  • Net Weight (gram) : 16 grams 

  • Finish: Brushed metal

  • Spring bar diameter: 2.5mm 

  • Lug end style : Custom curved end 

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