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Razorwire Steel Bracelet

for SRP Turtle Reissue, SKX Models

and 6309 Vintage Turtle

The Razorwire is a very unique bracelet that is a real head turner. This is the kind of bracelet that can look good on a biker, as well as a businessman. Lots of complicated parts on this one, but no hair pulling! A sturdy, stainless steel bracelet that will make you the talk of the office. 


Frequently asked questions:

Is it comfortable? Yes, extremely. Don't let the name fool you, this is one of the most comfortable bracelets out there. 


​Is it easy to remove links? Yes, if you are paying attention to the pattern of the internal parts. Once a link is removed it must be lined up exactly the way the rest of them are pointing. I hope to have a pictorial, step by step process on the website soon. 


Does it pull hair? No! 


It is awesome? The most awesome! You'll love it!

20mm or 22mm Straight End

Razorwire Steel Bracelet

If you saw the Razorwire bracelet with the 6309 or SKX custom end-links and wished you had a version to wear on a different watch, this is your lucky day! Available now is a straight end version in 20mm and 22mm, compatible with most watches. Just like the other diver bracelets I offer, these hold 2.5mm thick "fat boy" spring bars (included). Both bracelets taper by 2mm from the watch-end to the clasp. Wildly comfortable to wear, don't let the name Razorwire fool you. This will possibly be the most comfortable bracelet you own, with NO hair pulling!

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