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Razorwire Steel Bracelet

for SRP Turtle Reissue, SKX Models

and 6309 Vintage Turtle

The Razorwire is a very unique bracelet that is a real head turner. This is the kind of bracelet that can look good on a biker, as well as a businessman. Lots of complicated parts on this one, but no hair pulling! A sturdy, stainless steel bracelet that will make you the talk of the office. 


Frequently asked questions:

Is it comfortable? Yes, extremely. Don't let the name fool you, this is one of the most comfortable bracelets out there. 


​Is it easy to remove links? Yes, if you are paying attention to the pattern of the internal parts. Once a link is removed it must be lined up exactly the way the rest of them are pointing. I hope to have a pictorial, step by step process on the website soon. 


Does it pull hair? No! 


It is awesome? The most awesome! You'll love it!