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H-Link Steel Bracelet for Seiko 6105 Divers

Seiko never made a bracelet for the iconic 6105 diver, so providing a stainless steel option was a no-brainer. Modeled after the 6139 h-link, we now offer the h-link for the 6105-800x and 6105-8110. 

The end-links for the 800x are standard while the 811x are solid. The bracelet itself has all solid links and feels like the right balance with the watch. Super comfortable! I think the h-link and 6105 were meant to go together!

What's included: One bracelet, one pair of end-links, one pair of 19mm spring bars. 


Lug width to Buckle: 19mm / 16mm 

Length (mm) : 170mm 

Min.length after adjusted : 125mm 

Buckle : 316L Stainless Steel vintage-style pressed metal

Thickness (mm) : 2.6mm 

Net Weight (gram) : 54 grams 

Finish: Brushed metal

Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm 

Lug end style : Solid (811x) Hollow (800x) 

Adjustment type : 4 removable links-- pin type adjustment 

Material : 316L Stainless Steel, bracelet is all solid links

Designed to fit : Seiko Divers 6105-8000, 6105-8009, 6105-8110, 6105-8119

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