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EDC Travel Case

If you're anything like me, even a short overnight trip means more than one watch.  In addition to multiple watches, extra straps and spring bar tools, many of us also love to carry other gear - knives, pens, flashlights, etc.  Most travel cases on the market are either designed just for watches or just for everyday carry (EDC) gear.  What about those of us who want a slim case for the essentials?  

Uncle has you covered!  These EDC travel cases are specifically made to be lightweight and easy to throw in a briefcase, backpack, suitcase, or even your back pocket!  These are perfect for a get-together with your watch buddies or to throw in your carry-on for a weekend trip.

The unique interior is designed to maximize the internal storage and prevent the case from becoming too bulky when closed.  Each side contains two sherpa-lined pockets.  The larger slot is great for your watch, knife, light, etc, and the thinner is intended for a spring bar tool, pen, thin screwdriver, etc. 

I've even made it a little sweeter and will include an Uncle Seiko spring bar tool so you'll always be ready for strap changes!


Material:  Nylon / Genuine Leather




Height:  184mm

Width:  105mm

Thickness:  30mm​

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