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President Steel Bracelet

for Seiko Alpinist SARB Models

[This also fits the new 2020 Alpinist models]


While a lot of guys love the Seiko Alpinist, the variety of strap options have been lacking. I know this because so many of my nephews have emailed me to ask why I didn't make a bracelet for it? Well, here you go. So you can stop emailing me now ;)


Introducing the President bracelet for the SARB017 (and upcoming releases) and I must say it looks amazing! Stats are below. If you want to see this on the Beads of Rice bracelet, check it out here. Includes a pair of 2.5mm custom spring bars made just for this project.


Lug width to Buckle: 20mm / 16mm 

Length (mm) : 180mm 

Min.length after adjusted : 124mm 

Buckle : Pressure Clasp or Milled Clasp

Thickness (mm) : 4mm

Net Weight (gram) : 60grams

Finish: All Brushed or Polished Centerlinks

Spring bar diameter: 2.5mm 

Lug end style : Solid End Links 

Adjustment type : 6 removable links-- pin type adjustment

Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (hollow end links) 

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