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Z199 Jubilee Steel Bracelet
for Seiko 63MAS Models

Without question the Z199 solid link bracelet was the best bracelet Seiko ever produced. It originally came on their 7548 Quartz diver, and if you can find one today, buy it! They often sell in excess of $300. I decided to make my own version, holding to the specs as closely as possible.

This is an upgrade of the Standard z199 and comes with solid end-links as well as a milled clasp that was made to keep the vintage look and style of the pressure clasp. While the SPB14x models have short and awkward lugs, these solid end-links work well with them and look amazing! This is the bracelet that should have come with the watch! 




  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm / 16mm 

  • Length: 180mm 

  • Min.length after adjusted : 120mm 

  • Buckle : 316L Stainless Steel 16mm Milled Clasp 

  • Thickness: 4.0mm 

  • Net Weight: 70 gram 

  • Finish: Brushed metal

  • Spring bar diameter: 2.5mm 

  • Lug end style : Standard Curved End 

  • Adjustment type : 7 removable links-- screw type adjustment 

  • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (solid end links) 

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