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MT-3 Italian Leather Watch Pouch in Cheese Brown

PHP 3,900

To keep a watch safe is a matter. Whether at home or traveling, a fine leather watch pouch is always an excellent storage solution for your watch. MT-3 watch pouch collection is designed in compact size to avoid excessive movement of the watch and watch band. In addition, each pouch has a loose matching leather divider that protects the back of watch case and watch bracelet from scratching against each other. MT-3 leather watch pouches only selected the finest European leather plus Zermatt leather as the lining (iconic perfect leather for watch band lining such as Hermes). Italian artistic leather like this rebel leather watch pouch has a large camouflage pattern unevenly distributed; each piece of watch pouch becomes unique as no two pouches will share the same grain or color tone.

Overall size : 65mm x 115mm x 25mm
Color / Finish : Cheese brown
Stitching Color : Brown
Material : Italian Calf Leather of Art 
Net Weight : 48g

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