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20mm or 22mm Tapered Winghead "SHARK" Mesh watch band, V-Clasp

PHP 5,700

Brand Name: Winghead Shark Mesh Band
Lug width: 20mm or 22mm
Buckle size: 16mm (for 20mm) 18mm (for 22mm)
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Finish: 316L stainless steel, V-Clasp double lock buttoned diver clasp / Brushed
Overall Length: Please select proper "Length range" from the above
Thickness: 4.5mm - 3.6mm
Spring bar & hole dia.: 1.78mm (not included)
Design to fit: All watches with 22mm lug width
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, 1.2 Wire Mesh
Color / Finish: Polished
Net Weight approx.: Around 70g to 54g
Lug end style: Straight End
Adjustment type: 6 micro holes
Remarks: Please pay attention to Shark Mesh Band is not cuttable, length adjustment can only do on the buckle, therefore a proper "Length range" selection is highly recommended. Click the button "Check my wrist" for our measurement guide.

Winghead Shark Mesh is a crossover concept, the idea that the balance of loose and strength. This is a new Shark Mesh watch band merging the SHARK Mesh and solid stainless steel endlink through high melting and machining technology. Winghead Shark Mesh watch band has a flat transition from mesh to solid stainless steel endlink. The entire development is not easy; from prototype to production is very time-consuming. To bear the costly high depletion rate to pursue the best quality Mesh band is still worth doing. The improvement of solid endlink now can hide the spring bar nicely. This tapered Winghead Shark Mesh watch band has lug width narrowed down towards the buckle end in rare 4mm. For someone who keens on a tidy look, Winghead Shark Mesh Band would be the one. There is an adjunction improvement of the spring bar opening, similar to our MiLTAT solid endlink mesh band collection. For the installing, Winghead Shark Mesh Band is much easier to grab the spring bar flange than the old Shark Mesh Band. Secured with V-Clasp double lock buttoned diver's clasp, a solid 316L stainless steel buckle with push button have flexible fine-tune length adjustment up to 6 micro holes. Please note accurate 'Length range' selection is required. Check your size here.

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