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20mm or 22mm Roll Ball II 316L Stainless Steel Brushed Watch Band, Baton Diver Clasp

PHP 5,500

Brand Name: Rollball version II QR
Lug width (mm): 20 or 22
Buckle size (mm): 16 (20mm lug ) or 18 (22mm lug)
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Buckle Finish: 316L Stainless Steel Solid Double Lock Buttoned Baton Diver Clasp, Brushed
Overall Length (mm): approx. 186
Thickness (mm): 3.3
Spring bar hole dia. (mm): Quick Release 1.78
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links include end links
Color / Finish: Brushed
Max. length (mm): approx. 186
Corresponding Min. length (mm): approx. 123
Net Weight (gram): approx. 82 (20mm lug) / 84 (22mm lug) 
Lug end style: Straight End Quick Release
Adjustment type: 6 Screw fixed links & 4 micro holes on clasp

This Rollball version II QR watch band is designed for straight watch lug diving or sport watch case. The idea of "Rollball" Rally metal watch band was inspired by a famous game - rolling a ball over a "ball-hop" hump that jumps the ball into rings and anchored by a Seiko Chronograph watch. Unlike traditional rally bangles, this high-end Rollball version II has precise adjustable link details for easy length adjustment. This Rollball version II slightly reduced the thickness and roundness, and also had a relatively less modernized design to evoke strong nostalgia. In addition, this Rollball Q.R. version metal watch band features integrated quick-release spring bars for a speedy attachment to your timepiece, also further enhancing flexibility and comfort. You can now get the retro look of vintage Seiko 6139-8020 Chronograph for your watch simply change your watchband into an upgraded Rollball II QR bracelet. Pairing with Baton double lock buttoned diver's clasp. Baton Diver Clasp was made of solid 316L stainless steel with extra 4 micro holes for flexible fine tune length adjustment. Baton Diver Clasp is ideal for a watch band with a thickness of approximately 3.5 - 5.0mm thickness. Another awesome aftermarket stainless steel watch band for luxury watches. 

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