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The strap is adjustable for different wrist size and they are made thick at 1.5mm thick and 1.6mm thick at 20mm wide and 22mm wide respectively.

Please check that your watch case to spring bar has ample clearance. We are not responsible refunds for straps that cannot fit your watch as we have explained clearly here.

Some watches with large gap between watch case and spring bars do allow you to pull the strap through the lugs. Smaller watches require you to remove spring bars, position your watch to desired position, then snap the spring bars back on to secure them. 

Some watches that require the strap to bend and fold a lot from case back to spring bars can reduce the maximum wrist size by half an inch.

All of our straps we have tried on those watches posted on our Instagram account can fit without any major issues.

If you want to slide through a tight springbar and watch case, you can get a curved spring bar which is not available at our inventory at the moment. See this helpful video:

How to wear it so there is less bulk

There is a specific way you can position the adjustable keeper such that it gives the least bulk when you wear them.

The adjustable keeper should be positioned as close to the lugs at 12 O’clock. This is because there is always a pocket of space between the lugs at your wrist at that location. The buckle will then be adjusted to suit the size of your wrist.

There are 3 spring bars on the buckle. You can remove one to allow easier adjustments. Or you can use one of the 2 spring bars such that you can push through the strap end at the empty slot when you wear them

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