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RSM = Remembering S.K. and M.E. for the sacrifices and love given unconditionally. You are dearly missed.

We started off with the Herringbone Twill Strap. It was inspired from the historical M1941 HBT uniform issued to soldiers during WWII. It was a sturdy uniform used daily for work details for field training. It would also be worn into battle during mid WWII and later campaigns of the pacific war.

The Herringbone Twill weave pattern was introduced as the first rip-preventive fabric for the uniform. It was robust and held up well under distressed conditions. Interestingly, it is also very comfortable for the wearer.

Made from similar historical weave, the HBT Strap is excellent for daily use and formal occasion. It’s classic pattern is widely used in masculine fabric and architectural motifs. It will breathe new sophistication to your collection of watches

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