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Colors to Choose

These fine canvas straps come in the order of reference images from left to right:

松樹 (Pine Khaki) in Basic / White Accent

岩石 (Stone Grey) in Basic / White Accent

黑炭 (Black Coal) in Basic / Khaki Accent

焙じ茶 (Roasted Tea) in Basic / Black Accent


22-20 / 20-16 / 19-16 / 18-16


Small - 65mm x 105mm

Medium - 75mm x 110mm

Large - 85mm x 125mm


Japanese Fine Canvas Strap

In search of a densely woven canvas, we developed a series of fine canvas strap from a Japanese canvas manufacturer. These Japanese fabrics are woven from natural cotton yarns and lightly soaked in starch. We handpicked these canvas fabrics from a limited stock. It is not clear when any color will cease production. We made a quick decision to design and make them into straps before they run out.

Out of this batch, 2 designs were made from this fine canvas:

Basic Fine Canvas Strap

Less is indeed more. In order to draw your attention to the fine grains of these canvas, we have designed them as simplest possible form without any stitches to distract. We used Zermatt leather under the strap as lining for extra comfort for your skin. The straps are fitted with quick release spring bars to enable ease of strap change. This version will suit any occasion should you choose to pick it for a dressy event.

Accent Stitch Fine Canvas Strap

This version is a common design using contrasting threads to hold the most vulnerable parts of the strap. The structure of the strap has become decorative as well. These accents work as an intermediate color that might tie your watch colors to the strap you pick. Fitted similarly with Zermatt lining and quick release spring bar, this version will shine best on casual Fridays and the weekend.

Strap Widths

These straps come in the following widths:

22mm lug width taper to 20mm buckle width.

20mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

19mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

18mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

Strap Lengths

If you are not familiar with strap lengths to fit your wrists, here are suggestions about the lengths to choose according to your wrist size.

5.5″ to 6.5″ – S size with lengths 65mm + 105mm

6.5″ to 7.25″ – M size with lengths 75mm + 110mm

7.25″ to 8.25″ – L size with lengths 85mm + 125mm

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