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Delve into the intricacies of our Camo Straps by exploring the origins of camouflage patterns. Originating in France in 1914, artist Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scévola employed cubist painting techniques to craft illusions of physical form. Camouflage serves to disguise and blend into surroundings by disrupting the perceived outline of objects, finding extensive use in military equipment and installations with textile, paint, nets, or foliage. As military technology has evolved, so has camouflage technology, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness.

Unlike most camo patterns post-printed onto products after weaving, our Jacquard Camo Straps defy convention. Crafted on a special loom, they boast intricate woven designs with five pre-dyed colored yarns for enhanced strength. Upon close inspection, you won't find flat blobs or distinct boundaries; instead, witness a seamless alternation of yarns at less than 1mm per dot. Even more fascinatingly, these patterns retain their camo allure with varying tones when viewed through an infra-red camera. Step into a new dimension of craftsmanship and innovation with our Jacquard Camo Straps.

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