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In these two volumes you will find everything about the modern and vintage Rolex Gmt-Master I and II watches: over 1000 photographs that retrace the entire production of this type of watches.

1955: Rolex presented one of its most successful and beloved watches ever: the GMT-MASTER or GMT-MASTER I.

The Gmt-Master was designed to show the time in two time zones simultaneously. Its distinctive feature is the two-tone bezel that allows you to distinguish the hours of the day from those of the night.

1983: a new chapter in the history of Rolex: the GMT-MASTER II. Rolex introduced a new calibre that allows  to adjust the hour hand independently of the minute hand and the 24-hour hand. To avoid any confusion with existing GMT-Masters, models equipped with the new movement were called GMT-MASTER II. The books are accompanied by estimates of all modern and vintage Rolex GMT-MASTER watches.

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