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One of the fears of buying straps online is that you might not know if the strap is of the correct length to suit your wrist. We hope that by the time you are done reading this page, you will know what size you should get. There are three methods that we will run through:

  1. Method 1 - Quick and Dirty

  2. Method 2 - Not-So-Quick Math

  3. Method 3 - Wrist Check


Method 1 - Quick and Dirty

This method is the quickest way to know what size to order, but it might not be very precise. What you will need is an existing two-piece strap on your watch. It does not have to be a leather strap.


  1. Measure the length of the long and short piece of the strap. (Example: 105mm on the long strap, and 80mm on the short strap)

  2. Sum up the lengths. (105+80=185mm)

  3. Choose the size (S, M or L) that is the closest to the total length of your existing straps. (The closest size in this example would be M (115mm + 70mm = 185mm)

  4. Note that this is still an approximation, and you should adjust accordingly if your current strap does not fit your wrist perfectly.


Method 2 - Not-So-Quick Math

This method builds on Method 1, and has more math involved. Similarly, you will need an existing two-piece strap on your watch. The basic idea is that you want to ensure that the total length based on where your buckle sits on your current strap, will be similar to your new strap.

  1. Measure the length of the short piece of the strap. (Example: 80mm)

  2. On the long strap, measure the length from the lug to the most used strap hole. Referring to the schematic above, if the middle hole is the most used hole, that would be length E. (Example: 60mm)

  3. Sum the two lengths (80+60=140mm)

  4. Determine which hole on the strap you would prefer to have your buckle fitted on, and measure the length from the lug to the hole. If you like having a longer "tail", you can have the buckle fitted on the top-most hole, closest to the lug end. Alternatively, if you prefer not to have a long "tail", you can wear the strap with the buckle on the bottom-most hole, furthest from the lug end. (In this example, assume that I prefer to use the middle strap hole for M strap = 71mm)

  5. Subtract the length in Step 3, from the length of the lug to the most used hole. This is the "ideal length" of the short piece of the strap. (140mm-71mm=69mm)

  6. Assess if that particular strap length will work for you, else find another strap length. If none are suitable, you can custom make a strap of your ideal length.

Method 3 - Wrist Check

If your existing watch does not have a normal strap (you have a bracelet on), you would need to measure your wrist size and purchase the strap size according to the guidelines below. If you are between sizes (for e.g. wrist size of 16.7cm), we recommend to size up.

Small: 14.5cm - 17.0cm
Medium: 16.5cm - 19.0cm 
Large: 18.5cm - 21.0cm

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