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Waxed Canvas Slim Strap

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Waxed Canvas is a durable, highly water-resistant fabric. It is often used for projects such as bags, backpacks, utility projects, purses, jackets, aprons, duffle bags, briefcases and much more. Waxed canvas has a stiff, waxy feel when you first encounter it. Don’t worry about the stiffness though! Our waxed canvas products get softer and more pliable with continued use, similar to full grain leather. The base of all our waxed canvas fabrics starts with a heavy-duty, dyed cotton fabric created using a plain weave, then the wax coating is added to the fabric. 

Patina Effect

This fabric also has a “memory.” By that we mean it will showcase unique markings with use. If waxed canvas is creased, folded or scratched, these markings will appear slightly lighter in color on the fabric. We call this a patina effect. The ability of waxed canvas to patina creates a fabric with character and a rugged, lived-in look. Waxed canvas only improves with age! It’s known for its ability to give a craftsman-inspired appearance wherever it’s used.

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