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Chevre Strap

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The Alran tannery was established in the south of France, producing stunning goatskins and calfskins with the black mountains and lush forests as its backyard. The tannery's attention to detail developed naturally as its primary clientele in its early years were upholstery, book, and shoemakers, creators of products which had to stand up to close scrutiny. Alran continues to actively innovate and work closely with the most prestigious design houses to evolve their range of offerings.


Alran's Chèvre goatskin is immediately recognisable from its texture and grain. The slight pebbled texture is a result of a manual technique done by hand to reinforce and emphasise the natural grain of the leather. A smooth surface and a slight gloss immediately imparts luxuriousness to products made with this leather. Not only a feast for the eyes, chèvre is also strongly water and scratch-resistant, and is a great option for the exteriors of watch straps.

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