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20mm or 22mm Universal Straight Ends 
Performance FKM Rubber Straps



Not all kinds of watches are meant to be purchased. Since luxury watches are an investment, you have to have an eye for what’s best. For example, metal chain strap watches aren't everyday wear. Similarly, leather strap watches aren't as durable. Speaking of durable, the best kind of straps to make your luxury watch stand out and retain its class for generations would be rubber straps and we’ve got just the pick for you: The Crafter Blue UX05 Performance FKM Rubber Strap.


Lug width: 20mm or 22mm

Buckle size: 18mm or 20mm

Buckle type: Brushed stainless steel tang buckle

Wrist size 5.2 inches to 8.2 inches / 133 mm to 210 mm

Overall Length: 125mm + 80mm

Thickness: Approx. 5mm - 3.5mm


1. FKM Rubber 

These bands are made up of pure vulcanized rubber that is anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic saving you from all types of troubles that normal straps usually come with. Additionally, FKM rubber doesn’t attract dust like other materials. It is literally the best material to maintain the class of your timepiece. 

2. Nylon Like Pattern And Thread

These rubber straps aren't just any plain regular rubber straps. Their unique feature is their nylon-like pattern. You will rarely see this one on other watches. And what’s a luxury watch if it’s the same as everyone else’s. The nylon-like pattern truly allows the timepiece to stand out from the masses. 

3. Friction To Hold The Watch In One Place 

The thing with luxury watches is that they're not made with cheap materials. The metals used in these timepieces are usually in their purest form and are therefore quite heavy. Regardless of how finely your straps fit, if the dial is heavy, the watch is guaranteed to slip sideways.  A luxury watch that doesn’t sit well with your wrist looks sloppy and represents you as a very careless person. Thankfully, there are no such problems with FKM rubber straps. They create friction that holds the dial in place regardless of how much you move your hands. 

4. Lightweight 

As mentioned earlier, the dials of luxury watches are quite heavy. Leather or chain straps only add additional and unnecessary weight. Fortunately, FKM rubber material isn't as heavy as its alternatives. it adds little to no weight to the watch dial. 

5. Water-resistant 

The best part about FKM rubber straps is that they're water-resistant. Water and humidity make leather straps corrode, and cause metal straps to catch rust. Therefore, the diving range in luxury watches also comes with rubber straps. It’s the only material durable enough to stand the rain, water splash, and the depths of the ocean.

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