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1162 Steel Bracelet
for Omega Speedmaster MKII

The Speedmaster Mark II is one of the most unique and retro Speedmasters ever made.  Released in 1969, the Mark II is noted for its stunning dial features, distinctive case and hooded lugs. However, it looks out of place on anything but a bracelet. 

As is the challenge with most vintage watches, the issue is finding one without spending a fortune. I decided this watch was too cool to pass up, so I'm now offering my own version - the US1162.  Complete with vintage flare, this 20mm straight-end bracelet is exactly what you need to restore your 1969 Mark II to its former glory.

Does it get better than that?  You bet it does.  The US1162 also works with my new Double Button Milled Clasp!  By default, this bracelet will come with a period-correct vintage pressure clasp.  However, if you'd like I'm also offering an option to add an additional double button milled clasp and save a few dollars in the process.  

Please note:  If you order the bracelet with the additional double button milled clasp, it will come with the vintage pressure clasp installed.  You will need to swap the clasps, as we cannot do that before shipping the bracelet.


  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm to 16mm (25mm flare)

  • Length: 178mm

  • Min.length after adjusted: 120mm

  • Buckle: Stamped 316L Stainless Steel 16mm Pressure Clasp 

  • Thickness: 3.5mm

  • Net Weight: 64 grams

  • Finish: Brushed

  • Spring bar diameter: 1.78mm

  • Lug end style: Straight end

  • Adjustment type: Pressure pin

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links

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