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Seiko JDM Speedtimer Bracelet (6139-600x, 6139-603x)


  • Lug width to buckle:  19mm (widest 22mm) to 16mm 

  • Length:  180mm

  • Min length after adjusted:  120mm

  • Buckle style:  Pressure clasp

  • Thickness:  3.2mm

  • Net Weight:  50 grams

  • Finish:  Brushed metal

  • Spring bar diameter:  1.8mm 

  • Lug end style:  Standard hollow curved end

  • Adjustment type:  6 removable links-- pin type adjustment

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links, standard (hollow) end links

  • Designed to fit: 6139-600x and 6139-603x

At the end of the 1960's, Seiko released a swanky new Chronograph called the Speedtimer. These came in several colors with minor variations added along the way. One of the earlier and more rare examples had a unique bracelet that came only on JDM models (Japan domestic market) of which all had "Sports 5" plus "Speedtimer" on the dials. They were used on 6139-6000, 6139-6030, 6139-6031, and 6139-6032 models.

What I am offering here is my own take on the classic (and rare) Speedtimer bracelet. While I always thought the look was unique, I was never a fan of the end-links. So, I came out with my own. I present to you an homage to the classic JDM bracelet with an Uncle Seiko twist.

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