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18mm, 20mm or 22mm 316L Stainless Steel Wetsuit Ratchet Buckle Button Control diver extension clasp, Brushed

PHP 3,500
PHP 3,800
PHP 4,000

Buckle size: 18mm, 20mm or 22mm (18mm only for IP Gold)Buckle type: 316L Stainless Steel Clasp with Ratchet Theory Extension Mechanism 
Thickness: Apply for Strap thickness approx. 4-5mm 
Overall Size: 45mm x 20mm x 8.2mm thick 
Material: Stainless Steel (Top Quality 316L) 
Color/Finish: Brushed 
Net Weight: 32g 
Adjustment type: Ratchet adjust 10mm 
Remarks: Design to fit 18mm, 20mm or 22mm Buckle Mesh, Metal or Silicone Watch Strap in thickness approx. 4 - 5mm

Ratchet Buckle Clasp is an ideall Wetsuit watch band buckle. The ratchet theory extension mechanism is of great importance for both convenience and safety.

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