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Those who have experienced the Artem brand are well aware that we don’t put our name to a product until it meets our very stringent quality and performance criteria. Our Nylon watch strap range is no exception. The design features a slight sheen on the nylon (polyamide) material, coupled with polished stainless steel hardware. Care has also been taken to ensure no steel loops are on the underside of the strap for a comfortable fit. With fine design and workmanship, they offer a worthy alternative to OEM watch straps.

  • Colour - black and grey 5 stripes

  • Material – polyamide (nylon)

  • Size – 20mm

  • Length – 303mm (approximately) without buckle

  • Thickness – 1.4mm-1.5mm (approximately)

  • Hardware – polished stainless steel with removable buckle

  • Two fixed and one floating keeper


  1. Actual product colour may vary from the images shown. Some monitor or mobile displays may have different capabilities to display colours, and every individual may see these colours differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's colour. Slight variations in product colour can also be expected due to manufacturing tolerances.

  2. Measurements provided are approximate only. Actual product dimensions may vary due to measurement errors and manufacturing tolerances.

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